For several weeks I found myself trapped within the prison of night. My journey began on the 3rd of January in the Norvegian town which might be considered as the darkest one in the Northern Hemisphere. When I woke up in the morning it was still dark, but it didn’t become lighter during the day either. My body felt sleepy always except the night time when I had to sleep.

Photography fulfils human wish to stop the time, but perception of time flow stops also within the darkness. When the darkness comes first one can find different ways how to measure the time. You can measure the time using ice, if it is taken from the lake. Or you can measure time by merits of melted snow. Perception of time changes in regards of available daylight during the period of polar night

Photograms of snow and ice can serve as a metaphor of time and change. In the negative space of photogram – snow becomes disturbingly red. Red is also the color of a film negative.

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