The solo exhibition "Roll, roll morning dew" by Iveta Gabaliņa focuses on the healing practice of the Latvian sauna, where the body, mind and spirit are healed using herbs, oral folklore and immersion in cold water. Created as a visual diary over several years, the exhibition features both anthotype portraits and the carefully collected remains of sauna besoms. "A wise sauna master once said that a sauna is a place of transformation, but for me it has become a space of self-acceptance. The bathhouse teaches me to accept my own body first, with all its blemishes and seeming imperfections, built up as a result of unconscious words and assumptions. The sauna teaches us to see the other as a part of oneself, without judgement or reproach. But most of all, the sauna shows you the spring within yourself, flowing from the depths of the earth, offering water unconditionally.” – Iveta Gabaliņa

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